how to eat uni sea urchin and its benefits

how many health benefits of sea urchin:

Rich of Proteins, Zinc

Some already know what zinc is, but don’t know what its benefits for our body. Even, some of us don’t know what zinc is. So, what is zinc? Zinc is one of the minerals that good for our health and needed for our body, actually. But not a lot of foods and beverages out there contains zinc in it

Good For Diet

You want to go on a diet? Sea urchins can be one of your solutions. Usually, you can get these sea urchins to serve along with sushi in raw condition, of course. How is the taste? Of course, it’s delicious and will make you want to eat more. You can also cook sea urchins and eat them plain or include them in other dishes, only if you know how to cook it. Remember, sea urchin’s thorns contains poison in it.

Help improved virility and natural aphrodisiac.

Do you want to surprise your wife in the bedroom, we recommend that you eat this sea urchin raw,
Rich source of protein, which helps repair muscle tissues.
Rich sources of dietary fiber like oatmeal, oat bran, and other whole grain. Fibers help lower cholesterol, burn fat, and prevent constipation.

Good source of Vitamin C

which can prevent scurvy and stimulate collagen production.

Good source of Vitamin A

which is beneficial for healthy skin and eyes.
Rich in zinc, an essential mineral that plays an important role in wound healing
Nutrient Content of Sea Urchin: per 100g
Texture – creamy, a bit firm, light, and buttery
Scent – salty, fresh ocean scent
Color – golden, mustard, orange
Taste – sweet, clean
Credit: Wikipedia. Com

The best way to eat sea urchin uni

Many people eat the meat of sea urchin raw or paired with another type of sushi, it can also be eaten with tasty vinaigrette dressing, but lovers of sea urchins generally prefer them completely unadorned.

Other people who are concerned with the safety of eating raw sea urchins would prefer to cook it and eat them plain or include it in other dishes like pasta or seafood stew.