Rich rider: Vyrus custom Motorcycles returns bring Alyen 998 superbike

Vyrus Alyen 988 Powered By Ducati Engine L-Twin 1.285cc 90-degree v-twin with Ducati's trademark desmodromic valves

What is vyrus?

Vyrus specialize custom exclusive Italian  motorcycle manufacturer based in Coriano, Italy: The company has more than 30 years of experience builds high-tech innovative sport bikes:

Vyrus custom Motorcycles is known for the use of hub-center steering, whereby the front suspension, braking, and steering forces are separated

why Vyrus Alyen 988, Alien became a motor for Rp. 1.4 Billion?

Vyrus makes a futuristic superbike with a scary face similar to an alien. It was built at launch using a 1,285 cc engine, the L-Twin was received from the Ducati Panigale. 

Although not yet announced an official price, the iron horse nicknamed Alyen is estimated at $ 90,000 or equivalent to Rp 1.4 billion (exchange rate of $ 1 = .Rp 16,063).
The chassis of the motor is encased in magnesium Omega, which allows the use of a flat front swingarm. 
The frame is basically a C-shape, which frees up much-needed space at the front of the motorcycle for the steering wheel that is needed.

Front and rear swingarms are also encased magnesium, as are footpegs, shift levers, beam anchors, and anti-dive suspensions. 

The rear suspension shock absorber is the Öhlins TTX40 unit and sits directly under the carbon fiber seat, perpendicular to the swingarm: while Brembo supplies brakes in 320 mm carbon-ceramic discs, four-piston calipers, or racing specifications 320-T drive discs.
The heart of the Alyen is a 1,285cc Ducati L-Twin making 202 horsepower at 10,500 RPM mated to a six-speed transmission, giving the bike plenty of velocities to match its angular bodywork

In suspension settings: Vrody twin pushrods are designed at the front and rear, while the steering is handled by the Vyrus hydraulic cable steering system.

120/70 ZR17 front tires, while 200/60 ZR17 rear tires. Look carefully, and you will see wheels made of carbon fiber that are knitted and crushed
Born from a sketch by MV Agusta Design Director Adrian Morton, the Alyen went through 57 different versions over nine years before the team finally settled on what you see here. Vyrus's New Motorcycle Is a Generational Feat of Engineering and Design