how To Understand Pinterest selects the pin shown

Pinterest Changes: This is why your Pins are hard to be a trend

Looking at 322 million active users a month users of Pinterest: it's interesting to use Pinterest for content marketing for many bloggers. However, I'm not sure it's a good platform for some writers/speakers.

Pinterest encourages large amounts of organic traffic for bloggers in parenting, home guide trends, DIY, and personal vertical e-commerce web. But it's still good to know when you decide to be more active on this platform

To make use of the site, you should understand: how To Understand Pinterest selects the pin shown. and why some pins get more mileage than others in the same category.

In recent months, Pinterest has begun to change algorithms that emphasize and reinforce new content that is more specific for search results and display fewer spam pins, according to scheduling expert Tailwind giant Pinterest

In this case, Pinterest doesn't share their algorithm: even in their annual reports and investor relations documents (and I check. Carefully.)

They state that the most relevant 'pinnable' content in the visual network is more widely displayed and shared by active users of the Pinterest application via high-end smartphones.

But there are a few hints about the importance of new and fresh content in the best practice guidelines expanding the company's own reach.

Social Media Marketing: Pinterest prioritizes new content in 2022 

The results of the analysis, people respond better to new content better - simple and easy to find out the reason. If you want the latest ideas, feedguides, tips, products, or approaches, you will definitely want to see a completely new pin.

You can always dive deeper, If you find something you like,  but new pins seem to outperform those already on the largest mood board on the Internet.

The scheduling experts at Tailwind estimate that new pins will continue to outperform the older ones in the years 2022 onwards: Fresh pins tend to outperform duplicate content on Pinterest, This platform focused on raising the best and latest ideas to their users.

Pinterest's best creative Practices Marketing guide

Pins with a 'new' description perform 9 times better than their older counterparts. It makes sense that 'newness' is important - more than 14 million articles are embedded daily by Pinterest users, so your content is easier to lose when the "tide"

What does "new content" mean on Pinterest?

If you just add or save old images again, that's not fresh, Tailwind uses the term 'fresh content' to describe new pins that have new visual images and new URL link combinations.

But if you create a new image that leads to your popular post or project, it is considered fresh content and will get priority placement.

According to Pinterest experts at Tailwind tool software: Pinterest is increasingly prioritizing fresh content for distribution because Pinners today respond most strongly to fresh content. What does this mean for internet marketing marketers?

For spammers, who throw out hundreds of pins that mislead and mislead users into bait at once, the news is not so good update. But If you've already created compelling pins, visually appealing, and filled in details correctly and accurately, focusing on the new pin is good.

If your Pin displays DIY, it must link to the article on your site with complete instructions with the appropriate picture guide: "Content Guidelines Best Practices Interesting Content"., and for advertisers, publishers, influencers, the pin that displays the product must be linked to a page where people can buy the product.

What about all Spam accounts?

Since November 2019, suspension and transfer reports have increased. If you see fewer junk pins in your feed, it is because the request will be new content - but it also reflects the recent crackdown on accounts that store too many duplicate spams. - this is a blogger experience with Pinterest Pinterest. Accounts that The offender is adding a deceptive pin or site spam is the most likely candidate to be removed.

How to adapt to changes on Pinterest today

For advertisers, publishers, influencers, Pinterest has served as an ever-green channel in many ways. On Pinterest, that initial pin is still there for years if it gets a good response:

However this does not apply to social media Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, when you add an image to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, the image is pushed down and off the site by the next post.

from now on it is necessary to revise fresh content to become the focus of marketers and bloggers using the site,.

Focus on adding fresh content regularly and on each board. In some cases, your branding or approach may have changed since your first pin was created.

We recommend that you start storing seasonal content about 30-45 days in advance. You can use schedulers like Tailwind or dedicate a simple few minutes a day to Pinterest marketing. Install seasonal pins At least one month in advance; Pinterest recommends embedding seasonal items early.

If you haven't pinned it regularly and creating new pins (leading to the same URL) revisit Pinterest and schedule or add some fresh pins a day. new priorities and ensure you continue to see the strong organic traffic from Pinterest.

Activities will continue to increase as you get closer to the big day. -Pinterest content tips adding stable, orderly fresh content. fully optimized board pins and descriptions will help you take advantage of this organic traffic generator

Happy Guide Pinning!